Monday, December 3, 2012

time to begin

I have been asked quite a few times within the past months or so for the link to my blog. I'm never asked if I blog, I am just given the automatic assumption that I have one. Unsure why, I'm usually told in various nice ways that I "Just have so much to say!" (#Truth) Every time I respond and say I don't have one, people are genuinely surprised. And then I am surprised and their surprise and the entire encounter becomes increasingly more awkward with every unnecessary comment I make. The first in this sequence is me saying "I have nothing to blog about." To which, people are again surprised at. In reality, I "do" a lot of blog worthy things. I have recently graduated, accepted a job, moved to a new city and have began to get on track to get my life in the direction I want it. I am constantly finding myself in situations that are a perfect combination of entertaining and concerning. To me, none of that hardly seems like something someone would want to read about, but people seem to have an odd intrigue into my day to day life and the thoughts and events that occur throughout it. Which brings me to my second response, "Nobody cares what I have to say!" This might not actually be entirely true either. I do have a lot to say, some are things I should never say out loud, others are things people don't mind, and then there are some that are genuinely enjoyed. I've never been the best at deciphering which falls into which category, so more often than not, you will hear them all. I like to listen more than I like to talk. Hard to believe, but true. A lot of my stories begin with someone else. Taking in as much as I can about the world is something I strive to do everyday. Nothing makes a better story than experience, and I hope to have a lot of that. After some consideration, a couple greatly appreciated compliments on my writing, and the desire to document more of my experiences, I've decided to join this Blogging world. Writing is something that has always been a therapeutic for me. When you have a mind such as mine that works faster than you can speak, you're left with writing as your favorite option. It is about as controlling as I get, and thats gotta be for the best. I'm excited to share some of my upcoming adventures and thoughts. Combinations of the two should be expected.